Kerstin Jeppsson from Stockholm, Sweden has been active as a composer since the 1970s. She has stood for the most part a bit apart from the mainstream of new Swedish music; this might be due to her unusual course of studies, her stylistic wonderings, and her deep spiritual interest. Kerstin Jeppsson with her life-loving art and her unaffected originality, is one of the important Swedish composers of her generation.

She studied at the Royal Conservatory in Stockholm, at the Conservatory in Krakow, Poland and at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California where she graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in 1979.

Her production consists primarily of orchestral and chamber music along with vocal musci; especially a great deal of choral music. As she educated herself as a vocal soloist the vocal repertoire "is close to her heart".

At Circolo Scandinavo she is composing on a commission work from the Swedish Radio. At her lecture she will play and talk about her "Concerto per violoncello ed orchestra", performed in Stockholm 2011.


Artist-in-residence February 2013