Hugh Steinmetz is a trumpet player, composer, and bandleader, M.A., born 15-02-1943.

Was in the 1960’s and 1970´s one of the pioneers in "the free jazz movement".

Was a member of the groups "The Contemporary Jazz Quartet/Quintet", "Brothers Vogel Sextet" and "Cadentia Nova Danica", and worked as a composer and soloist with "The Radio Jazz Group". Was 1966 elected "Danish Jazz Musician of the Year".

Worked on the European and the Danish jazz scene with many of the most prominent musicians of the time.

Has since formed the groups "Hugh Steinmetz Quartet-/Quintet-/Sextet-/and Octet", "Communio Musica" and "VogelSteinmetz Quartet".

Was for a period member of "ToneArt Ensemble" and has composed for big as well as for small groups, string orchestra, symphony orchestra, saxophone quartet, choir and diverse workshop ensembles.

Is a member of DJBFA and ToneArt and has received several grants from The State Art Foundation.


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