Hanne Friis

born 1972, Oslo
Lives and works in Oslo Norway
Sensuality, materiality and process are the driving forces in Hanne Friis’ art. The main part of her production consists of sculptures and installations in textile materials, processed with repetitive handicraft techniques through which the movements of the body produce natural variations in surface and form. A recurring theme in the works is the vulnerability of the body and mortality of man, but at the same time, the force and intensity of all life. Friis studied sculpture and painting at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in the years 1992-1996. This year she received great attention for the monumental denim sculpture "Shades of blue and black" in the exhibition "We are living on a Star" at Henie Onstad Art Centre. The artwork was later shown as part of the exhibition "Attention: Craft" at Liljevalchs Art Museum in Stockholm. Friis’ work has been purchased by several Norwegian museums and public commissions.