I perform. That is to say, I appear in a space/on a stage and I and perform various actions for audiences or spectators. Throughout the years I have mostly performed music, but the past seven years or so I have constantly expanded my field of practice and profession, and now I perform different actions from varying disciplines depending on the context and concept; text, music, movement and more. To me, these varying disciplines have a wide array of differences concerning  what is required from the performer, however, in my work, I am much more interested in stressing the similarities. Finding them and exploring them - after all, an artistic idea can be expressed in many different ways.

I have worked with many different choreographers, theatre-makers, directors, visual-artists, composers, musicians, dancers, actors, performers, most often in collaborations, but sometimes in more despotic hierarchies incarnating someone else's ideas or visions - and sometimes being in charge and presenting my own work. This is most often in contexts of a contemporary live-art nature (whatever that is) but sometimes in settings more rooted in a tradition of some kind. I have also spent a great deal of time touring internationally with a band I ran together with a colleague, exploring and expanding the boundaries of what a concert is and can be.

My BA in music is from Malmö Academy of Music and my MA in post-dramatic theatre/performance from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, but frankly, most things I have learned come from exploring life itself.


Artist-in-residence February 2013