Annika B. Lewis works internationally as an independent performance artist, director, choreographer, actress, singer, curator and producer.


In her work she challenges conventional norms of identity, gender, positions, perception, values, preconceptions and conventions. Using theatre, dance, multimedia and performance art she strives to visualise these invisible mechanisms that play such critical roles in our lives and societies. Annika’s work also explores the use of unconventional performance spaces and locations. In addition to traditional theatre venues she has staged performances in private apartments, caravans, fairs, abandoned factories and on the Internet.


Annika is educated in the physical laboratory theatre tradition at Larssons Theatre Academy in Gothenburg/Sweden and at Istituto di Arte Scenica in Pontremoli/Italy (1987-90).

She has also been educated in the Russian theatre tradition at Scut/Gitis - the state theatre school in Moscow (2000-02).

In parallel with her formal education, she has studied many different forms of dance and choreography with various choreographers and companies since 1985.


Annika founded Kassandra Production in 1998, an artist-driven interdisciplinary platform for contemporary performing arts based in Denmark.

Working as the artistic director of Kassandra Production she has created, staged, directed, choreographed and produced over 25 productions at the intersection of theatre, dance, multimedia and performance art.

In 2007 she received the Robert Mondavi Winery cultural award and in the years 2008 and 2011 she received the prestigious working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.



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