Aina Villanger (NO 1979) is a poet living in Oslo. She is educated at Nordland Art- and Filmschool and has a MA in Aesthetics from the University of Oslo. Villangers debut, langsang - et flytans habitat, was published at October Publishing House in January 2012. Langsang (“longsong”) is an epic poem, a creation story written in a sound based, experimental language rooted in Villangers dialect from the southern of Norway.


The poem received very good reviews and was compared with the Greek tradition of didactic poetry and described as “original musicality and energetic, playful language”. One of the poems from langsang is made into an animated film, Skogen (“The Woods”;, which were showed at Zebra Poetryfilmfestival in Berlin 2012.


Villanger is also working together with sound artist Lars Lervik. The collaboration is an improvised meeting between Lerviks sonic, repetitive, electronic sound scapes and Villangers text and voice.


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