Skandinaviska Föreningens Konstnärshus i Rom 


Rome, 13 March 2023




Dear Members,


The Executive Board is pleased to invite you to attend the annual General Assembly (second call*) Thursday 27 April 2023, at 18:00 at Circolo Scandinavo, Via Santa Sabina 8, 00153 Rome, Italy and on Zoom.


The mandate of the present Executive Board is coming to an end. Therefore, the Assembly will be asked to elect five board members and two substitute members. They are to be elected for two years.  Members have the right to nominate candidates, a nomination must be supported by at least two members. To be elected, a nominated candidate must be a member of the association.


Nominations and proposals from members for discussion/decision must be submitted in writing and should reach the Association no later than 28  March 2023  and  will be published on the Association’s home page ( ) by 12  April 2023. The same applies to the accounts for 2022, the budget for 2023 and the Annual Report for 2022.


Members can be represented through proxies (no more than two proxies per participant).  Members may vote in writing.  Written votes must reach the Association no later than 25 April 2023  18:00  in order to be valid. Written votes can be submitted by email to


Members who wish to vote at the General Assembly must have paid the dues for 2023 prior to the opening of the Assembly.  Please renew your membership on our website  We look forward to seeing you in Rome at Via Santa Sabina 8, 00153 Rome on 27 April.


On behalf of the Executive Board,

                                                                                         Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir



*(first call Thursday 27 april 2023, 17:00)   






Circolo Scandinavo’s General Assembly and Annual Meeting Thursday, 27 April , 2023, at 18:00, Via Santa Sabina 8, Rome


1.        Opening of the General Assembly and the Annual Meeting, and approval of that the annual meeting was convened in accordance with the statutes


2.        Election of chairperson, secretary and two reviewers for the minutes of the Annual meeting


3.        Approval of two Election officials

4.        Approval of the Agenda

5.        Approval of the Board’s Annual Report 2022

6.        Approval of the accounts for 2022

7.        Approval of the budget for 2023

8.        Election of five members of the Executive Board and two

substitute members

9.        Proposals received

10.      Any other business