lone falster



I am a film director, graduated from the Swedish Film School, Dramatiska Institutet, Sweden, 1989. The documentary films I make often examine the dynamics of art and artist’s relations to society.


Since 2007 I have been a resident at Circolo Scandinavo for 9 times. The unique Scandinavian based artistic environment, and the immersion in Rome had a strong impact on my work. Along the way, my interest in the history of the 160 years old association and the benefits of cultural exchanges between the Nordic countries and Italy has grown.


I have developed a deep respect for Circolo Scandinavo, which among its long history has created a peculiar cohesive working environment for artists from the different Scandinavian countries, and supported them to strength their relationships with the Italian cultural scene.


I have board experience from four years in the board of WIFT (Women in Film and Television), the Danish department of this international organization.


With my professional experience, from being artist-in-residence in other countries, and with my Nordic network I would like to personally contribute to the on going development of the association for the benefit of the future Scandinavian artist generation.

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