Lars Strandh


Name: Lars Strandh

Age: 58

Nationality: Swedish

Residence: Living in Norway since 1984

Title: Visual Artist 

Occupation: Artist, painter

Residency at the Circolo: -

Previous relations to Circolo Scandinavo: member of the board for the last 2 years

Other committee work: Jury Member for ”Rothko Residencies” at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center, Latvia, 2014-

Member of the Board, “The Artists Own Store” (KEM), 2003-09

Deputy of the Board, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, 2008-09

Deputy of the Board, The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, 2003-05, Chairman of the Board, The Association of Norwegian Painters, 2000-2004, Member of the International jury of “Echo”, (Experimental Cultural Concept for Heterogeneous Organizers), Höfgen, Germany, 2003 

Member of the Board, The Association of Norwegian Painters, 1998-2000, Member of the Supervising Committee, Artists House, Oslo, 1999-2001, Member of the Painting Departments Committee for Professor appointment, The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, 1996, Student Deputy of the Board, The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, 1994 

Relevant languages: Norwegian, Swedish, English, French (poor)

E-mail and/or homepage address:

Knowledge of the art scene in the Nordic countries: Through my exhibition practice I have acquired quite a good overview of mainly contemporary fine art. However, I believe there are not only one scene but Nordic art scenes depending on your standpoint, focus and interests. And there will always be a great deal of interesting art, in all fields, performed "backstage" or away from the "for the time being, highlighted scene".


Statement of candidacy


Presentation for the board election at Circolo Scandinavo 26.04.2019. I hereby present my candidacy to be reelected as a member of the board at Circolo Scandinavo. My first reason for doing so is to continue and develop the work initiated, created and done by the board and director the last two years. We have been working on several tasks such as strengthen the financial situation on short time bases and we have started a communication with the politicians to strengthen it also on long time bases. Still a lot is to be done here. Strategy and development for the future, how to make Circolo more visible in Rome and in the Nordic Countries and collaboration with other institutions and art projects are among other topics I find important to continue to work on.


A grater exposure of Circolo gives the artists better possibilities to build personal networks and to develop their own artistic practice. A grater exposure of the Nordic artists will also give a grater attention to the Nordic countries, their culture and participation on the Italian and international cultural scene.


I think it is important to have a continuation in the board to follow up the work and processes that have been started and if reelected I look forward to do so together with the board and director.


About me. Born in 1961 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Living in Norway since 1984. Graduated 1997 from The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway (1992-97)


Since my years at The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo I have served in several boards and trusts including the last two years at the board of Circolo Scandinavo. From 1998 and ten years onwards I was for four years (2000-04) the chairman of the board at “The Association of Norwegian Fine Art Painters” (LNM) and a member of the board at the Oslo based “Artist’s Own Store” (KEM) 2003-2009. Since 2014 I am a member of the international jury of Daugavpils Mark Rothko’s Art Centre’s (Latvia) annual painting residency.


From 2008 after “ten years of duty” I have focused more on my own artistic practice and have showed widely throughout Europe and USA that includes since 1996 more than 50 solo exhibitions and over 150 group exhibitions and art fairs. I have curated a handful of group exhibitions, most of them with artists from several of the Nordic countries.


I am represented by serious galleries in several countries and I have a good network - and knowledge of a large number of fine art artists and people working in the art society around the globe.


For more information about my work please see


Nominated by: Björn Ross

Seconded by: Knut Aspegren, Agnethe Christensen