hanne herman

To the board in Circolo Scandinavo


Motivation text for candidacy deputy board member at the G.A. in 2019


I very much would like to contribute to the further development of The Scandinavian Association’s Artist House. The Association is an important contributor to the Scandinavian cooperation in general, and to the Northern art and culture field in particular.


The background for my for candidacy is my own interest in and experience from art and culture work on an individual level and because I have a genuine interest, experience and belief in organizational work in order to reach common goals and promote common interests on the field of art and culture.


I have several years of experience from board work in different art and culture organizations, a formal board competence, and a copious net work covering different professions within the fields of culture, society and industry in Norway and abroad. I have had solo expos and group expos in different European countries.


Italy I know quite well from my years in Pietrasanta, 2012 to 2015, working with sculpture, and from several visits to the country afterwards, and lately an engagement for an Italian editing house.


My language skills, written sand oral, covers Italian, French, English and the Scandinavian languages. Thanks to board member Lars Strandh for proposing my candidacy to the board.


Please see my two cv’s attached following my motivation letter. 19.02.2019


Kind regards from Hanne Herrman

Hanne Hermann CV 1 HHerrman.pdf
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Hanne Herrman CV Kunst og Kultur.pdf
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