astrid nordang

A few words on who I am, along with the CV, with it’s list of facts and less of thougts. I am a freelancer living in Oslo with my 19 year old son. My daughter (26) lives in Madrid. When I don’t write, I translate fiction and non-fiction for Norwegian publishers, as well as reading fiction and reporting for a couple of them.


Ten years ago I was granted a stay at the Circolo Scandinavo that resulted in my historical novel about the Vestal Virgins. This residency meant a lot to me, and I was very happy beeing able to return to via della Lungara this year, in January, when I fully realised the value of meeting artists from all the Northern countries – on artistic terms –not only in my line of work. The talks and tell of different fields, i.e. drawing, composing, directing for tv etc., as well as discovering Rome individually and occasionally also together, is a rare occasion to most of us. This inter-artistic and inter-

nordic cooperation is one of the reasons I would like to be in the Circolo board in the period to come.


I have some experience in organizing committee work. From leading the election committe for the Union of Fiction Writers to planning, moderating and hosting authors at their anniversary last autumn, including tour arrangements with some authors.


Apart from the organizing, I dear say that I follow the art scene as well as the music scene in Norway quite closely. The literary scene, of course, in the entire Nordic area. I am not nearly as orientated as I should be, however I find it fruitful and interesting co-operating with other artists and hearing their opinions. As for my interests, I am occupied with people, language and culture, history, art, travel, skiing and in the past years also in the climate changes.

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