Sara Michaëlsson and Magnus Haglund 

Writers, journalists and editors  | Sweden


Since 2010 Sara Michaëlsson and Magnus Haglund are the editors of the Stena Foundation yearbook, where the recipients of the six yearly cultural grants from Sten A Olssons Stiftelse för Forskning och Kultur are presented in lengthy and substantial interviews.

In 2001 they edited the first Swedish presentation of sound art as a contemporary field, in a special issue of the art magazine Paletten. They have also curated several art exhibitions.


Sara Michaëlsson has an academic background in Italian and Literary research and has translated books on and essays by Frederico Fellini, Italo Calvino, Roland Barthes, Jean-François Lyotard, Iain Sinclair, Mark Oliver Everett and Tom McCarthy.


Magnus Haglund is a writer with a special interest in experimental music,

Situationist methods and the essay as an artistic tool. He has published books on

Åke Hodell, Wilhelm Stenhammar and the history of sound art. In the spring of

2023 a new collection of essays is being published, Tecknen finns överallt – 18

texter om konstförvandlingar (The Signs are Everywhere – 18 Texts on Art Transformations).