Helinä Hukkataival

Helinä Hukkataival (b. 19411) has practiced as an artist since 1969, while working as an art teacher of comprehensive and upper secondary school until 2001.


Live performances - being always pre-considered - are visual acts, 3-dimensional images in time with movement and in most cases natural sound. They can also be interactive, usually durational happenings together with voluntary participants or live performance installations.


The starting point can be in simple everyday actions or objects, sometimes in childhood memories. During the performance ordinary things and actions turn, change and question their usual significance hopefully bringing surprises and revealing new meanings to the spectator and also to the performer.

Personal is political: the works deal mainly with trying to find the universal level within personal experiences by making visible small incidents, subtle shades and relations, which influence us even if unnoticed.  

Performance: Martha's Pea Study, 2016, Darmstadt, Germany