Trudi jaeger

Visual artist | Norway

Trudi Jaeger was born in London and grew up in rural England. After her education at St. Martin’s School of Art and Goldsmiths College, London, she travelled to Norway on a scholarship and discovered Bergen, where she has been based ever since.


Jaeger works with painting, drawing, writing and installation. Place, tender landscape, environmental issues and literature often inspire her work. She wanders and spends a great deal of time in landscape and her painting language evolves from her experience of specific situations, places and people. Process is important. She is concerned with gestural, calligraphic and minimalist abstraction as a direct expression of a phenomenon.


”Melancholy atmospheres attract me. The paintings allude to moments and light qualities captured from time to time. I draw with paint and I think, for me, painting is about the way the air is touched. Lightness and distinctness as well as the diffuse are part of my language. A sort of spontaneous calligraphic vocabulary evolves as a result of contemplating these places and spaces of experience”


Different series of work are often shown to the public in her exhibitions in the form of ”Still Presentations”. Works that are partly hidden under other works emerge for a while and layers of time take on new meaning.