Sidsel Carré

Visual artist | Denmark

Sidsel Carré is a visual artist of french-german-danish descent. She has studied painting at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2015. The resent paintings have been watercolor on canvas and paper. During her residency at Circolo Scandivano she will work on an exhibition titled Sea wind. Thematically the new series will deal with tensions of the immaterial, the porosity of fact and fiction and the proces which collect itself into a pieces of work, a painting. We live in a fragil era concerned with finitude and acceleration, as if time was a fading light. In Sidsel Carré painting light and color is without the idea of the night being of another material than the day. Night is made of color. It is lighted. It is painting without the narrative of disappearance. Without secrecy. The working proces is a reservoir of listening. Of listening to that reality our era fears to have lost.