puk scharbau


Actress, writer on leadeship and communiation | Denmark


Puk Scharbau is a professionally trained and award winning actress who has made a bridging between the artistic world and the business world. In her work as a facilitator and trainer she has succeeded in transferring knowledge from the theatre to a broader audience. By creating a synthesis between the emotional and interpersonnel skills from the theatre and recent research and leadership theories, she has succeeded in creating a unique approach to leadership and communication training that embraces both a sound theoretical foundation, as well as the practical aspects at a high level.


Puk designs customized and interactive training formats for leaders, individuals, teams and groups both in DK and globally. Also she is an expert in change and is supporting professionals, specialists and leaders to get a high impact in their communication, by working with a receiver focused communication mindset and a an embodied approach to leadership presence..


Puk is educated from the Danish acting school in 1993, and holds a B.A. in media and oral rhetorics, she is certified as leader and process consultant and change agent and is currently doing a master degree in international business coaching.


While in Rome she will elaborate on the 3C model that is a core element in her new training approach and she will continue her writings in order to share ideas and knowledge with a broader audience. You can find more information about her work on www.pukscharbau.dk  and at Linkedin.