Marit Lindberg is a Swedish video- and performance artist. Her artistic activity consists of two paths that both run parallel to and across each other; partly social performances, and partly researching video projects together with other artists. The first path works with exposing hidden and intimate elements, and to display it in the public sphere. The other path goes deeper into questions about video as a medium and as material. Both paths are composed by many smaller units that together constitute a greater wholeness. In her performances, groups of people perform in different ways. Participation is important, and the works are partially based on improvisation. In some of the works, people are seen in their windows, performing song and music for an audience who walk in procession in the area. This occurs in Stjärnorna i stjärnhusen in the neighbourhood Frölunda in Gothenburg, and in Oi de Casa! in Sâo José do Barreiro in Brazil.


In recent years, she has also worked with Carousell, a group of artists which is made up by Felice Hapetzeder, Kristina Kvalvik, Henrik Lund Jørgensen, and herself. Carousel investigates the medium of video/film and different kinds of staging. The work had a starting-point in the great amount of raw and unprocessed material that video artists tend to have. The method has been to hand over our respective unused material which for some reason could not be completed to each other in a circular movement. Marit Lindberg´s works have been shown in various places recently, such as Krognoshuset Lund, Sweden, Das Esszimmer, Bonn, Germany (2018) Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden (2017), MAC Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Sâo Paulo, Brazil (2016) Casa Dieciocho Espacio de Artes, Quito, Equador (2015)


Marit Lindberg and Lena Ollmark are working on a project together, that will be developed during their stay at Circolo Scandinavo.



Stjärnorna i Stjärnhusen


Oi de Casa!


The Colossus of Prora (Carousell)