Lena Ollmark


With a background in comics Lena Ollmark writes screenplays and books, mainly for children and teenagers. Her main themes are ghost stories, horror and fears. As a journalist she written about psychology, a subject that goes very well with her interest in fear. When she is not writing she travels Sweden performing workshops in schools and libraries about writing, ghost stories and the psychology behind our fears.

Another of her main interest is story telling and our need for cause and effect in our everyday lifes as well as in information and culture consumption. Ollmark enjoy and produce a wide range of story telling forms, she has published about 30 books, written texts to an exhibition at Stockholm’s Technical Museum, worked with theatre groups and done a libretto (the opera The horrible Story of Little She, based on one of Ollmarks books is opening in October 2018). At the moment she is working on book projects, a screenplay and developing audio stories – and looking forward to develop new thoughts and projects with artist Marit Lindberg.

– I’m really fascinated by how we all handle our fears and how they are connected to our reward system. Quite often fears creates aggression, hate and violence – but they also give us the opportunity to be brave. I belive that through stories and art we can learn more about our emotions and how they affect us. With knowledge and psychoeducation we might be able to take better care of our anxiety. I also love wine, food and football.


Homepage: ollmark.se