henni kitti


Visual artist, writer | Finland


Henni Kitti (b. 1985, Pello) is a visual artist and writer. She graduated from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011, and started studying Comparative Literature and Creative Writing in Turku University the same year. She works with drawing, painting, video, installation and text. Her debut novel, Elävän näköiset (Lifelikes) was published in 2014. Humans' relationship to nature and environment are recurring themes in all her work. She began by studying human-animal relationship, and later this expanded to cover the different ways in which we (don't) understand ourselves as part of the bigger whole of the planet. In her recent visual works she is especially interested in light, colour and vision. Themes and subjects transform and evolve from one work to the next; images and forms get mirrored and reflected from paper to paper, from video to text.