alicja Ziolko

Performance artist | Norway

Alicja Ziolko

Trained as an actress at The Mime Centre London, Akademi Teatrerprosjekt Oslo, Instituto Arte Scenica, Pontremoli Italy, direction Ingemar Lindh, School after Theatre / GITIS / Scut, Europe / Moscow, direction Jurij Alschitz. Trained as a tango dancer in Paris and Buenos Aires.


Since 1996 she has worked as an actress, created performances and taught throughout Europe. Since 2001, when living in Italy, she worked with several Italian theatre companies, such as La Compagnia delle Formiche, Vite3 and Teatro dei Borgia and participated in the Spoleto Festival 2004.

She has produced and staged numerous interdisciplinary performances where Tango is  an important tool - as Tango eller Kjærlighet - Tango or Love, Riksscenen Oslo February 2015.

In 2006, she founded Cosmonauti, an annual international festival for open rehearsals and she has been curating it since then.


As a pedagogue, teaching tango since 1994. Since 2003-04, when she was a guest-teacher at the Dimitri School in Switzerland, she started to develop ACTango, a stage-training for actors, dancers and musicians. She teached ACTango at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts 2017  2014-16 curator of the training for dancers and actors at Norsk Skuespillersenter/Norwegian Centre for Actors, Oslo. February 2017 she did a two week ACTango-seminar at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and sharing it at The Methodika Festival 2018 in Berlin. She was the dialogue-trainer for the performance Andadu, at Idno 2017, Reykjavik, directed by Thorey Sigthorsdottir.


For the moment she is working on PlatoPlatina, a dialogue-project based on Platos «Hippias Minor», in collaboration with Annikki Wahlöö, Hector Eguia and Grete Sneltvedt, in Stockholm (STOFF 2018), Oslo (Scenehuset) and during the present residency at Circolo Scandinavo in Rome.


Photo: Valeria Tomasulo

Alicja Ziolko with Bennie Bartels

Photo: Reuven Halevi