Úlfur Karlsson

Painter | Iceland

Úlfur Karlsson is a painter born 1988, educated at Akureyri School of Visual Arts, The Icelandic Film School and The Gothenburg Academy of Art, Valand and has exhibited in Iceland, Gothenburg, Vienna, Copenhagen, Athens, Berlin, Riga, Strasbourg and Montreal.


 “… He takes pleasure in deploying known and lesser known characters, real and fictional. They tend to be devious, cruel and unpredictable, and their virtual world has more exits and entrances then our own. They are engaged in colourful encounters or collusions that take unexpected turns. The dividing line – the fence – between reality and fantasy is usually unclear. The action is brought to a close, but never resolved. We are left with a number of questions and conundrums to ponder, long after the pictures have left us.” (Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson, curator, art historian, author and lector)