Born 12.03.1950


- Master of Fine Arts Painting, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. 1977

- Scholarship: Rhode Island Schol of Design, Providence, USA, Masters Degree 1974-75.

- Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark 1980


Filmdirector on a number of Documentaries from Faroe Islands, Iceland, Denmark, Nepal and Italy. Among them:


- “1700 METRES FROM THE FUTURE Faroe Islands, 86 minutes 1990

- ”THE LIGHT ON MYKINES ISLAND”, Faroe Islands, 56 min, 1992

- “CORO DI BOSA”, Sardegna, Italy, 86 min,1998

- “THE EYE OF THE TIGER” Nepal, 40 min, 1999

- “RUGGED ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE” Faroe Islands/DK 86 min, 2003


Present working on / Premiere May 2011

- “THORS SAGA”, 88 min, Iceland / Denmark / UK


Has recieved International prizes, among them:

- “Grand Prix”, Nordic Panorama Film Festival, Norway

- “Best Nordic TV programme” (Nordic Minister Council´s 20th and Nordic Council´s 40th Anniversary jubilee prize (now Nordic Minister Councils Filmprize)

- ”Robert”, Danish Film Academy for Best Short & Documentary Film

- Grand Prix “Man and Sea Festival” Riga Latvia,

- “Documentary of the Year” Odense Documentary Filmfestival

- Felix/ European Film Academy nomination


Honorary office:

- Board deputy: Filmkontakt Nord 1994-97

- Jury member: Nordic Panorama Film Festival, Kristianstad, Sverige 1993

- Deputy Chair Person: Short & Documentary Film Council, Danish Film Institute 2001- 2005

- Board Member: Danish Film Directors' Association ,1995-96 and 2003-2009

- Council Member: Danish Arts Council , representative for Danish Film Directors' Association 2004 -2009



Danish-Faroe Islands Cultural Fund, Danish-Icelandic Cultural Fund, Denmark-America Foundation and Danish Arts Agency.


In Rome to research and to establish contacts to Organisations, to the people who work with, take care of the Roman water, decision makers, engineers, specialized water-workers etc, - also including Cultural, Economical, Religious and Enviromental aspects

”Aqua Romana” is working title.