Artist’s statement: 

For some years now, I have been creating series of paintings in which my themes evolve from one painting to the next. My work is based on photography, which I use as a sketch or a draft for the later painted image, and it’s intricately linked to cinematography. However where traditional cinema relies on a continuous flow of events and thereby creates a story with a beginning and an end, my work is comprised of several series of stills. My paintings form no obvious storyline but rather leave it to the viewer’s imagination to bridge the gap between image and story.

A female character, whose age is rarely discernible, frequently inhabits my paintings. This constructed image is usually based on photographs of me taken by myself. Yet it’s obviously not a self-portrait, but something different – an alter ego, a memory, or a fantasy.

The characters in my work, my dramatis personae, have a double existence, for although they seem to be caught in a snapshot, trapped in the briefest moment in time; they are also rendered eternal through the slow and lasting medium of painting. My work thus expresses a longing for the moment, the instance, where everything can still happen, where possibilities are plenty, and where something bad happening can still be avoided.