Tero Puha is a multi-disciplinary visual artist specialising in lens-based and digital art productions. In his artistic work he often explores the life of the modern man, focusing on body image, identity, gender roles and consumerism. He says: "Attempts to define the line between natural and unnatural is bound to create conflicts and pressures for the modern man in search of identity and purpose in life". Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Puha has mainly been based in London for past ten years. He has also worked and lived in Paris and Berlin. His works have been exhibited and acquired by art museum collections worldwide.



1. Unfinished, exhibition view, 2011

2. Block of Dreams, video installation, 2008

3. Nine to Five, short film, screen captures, 2008

4. Swap and Go Organ Fair, installation, 2003

5. The Day Before He Came, pigment print, 2010

6. Cracks, video, screen capture, 2010