Peter Brandt (DK, 1966), educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen and The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


Peter Brandt is working with how masculinity is constructed and produced in Western culture. Brandt often uses his own body in performative works, which analyzes the positions of power around the body, gender, sexuality and personal experience - in a feminist perspective. Brandt works in various media such as photography, video, objects, text and textile works.


Brandt worked for years with the project Marilyn & Me, where he staged himself as Marilyn Monroe and used Marilyn as an object of identification and projection. In 2007, Brandt showed Peter Super-T-Art in Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporart Art Center, where he also published the book of the same name. Peter Super-T-Art is a project where Brandt is re-thinking the American feminist artist Hannah Wilkes iconic works.


In 2002, Brandt suffered a life threatening violent assault, during his residency at The Danish Cultural Institute in Rome and this became the beginning of his work on violence and the traumatic experience, which has so far materialized in the exhibition and book project I Died In Italy But No One Knows It, which was shown at Traneudstillingen, Hellerup, Denmark and Konstforeningen AURA, Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden in 2010-11.


Brandts residency at Circolo Scandinavo in Rome will be used to do research for his project Between Theater and a Cruel Place – a mixed media installation, dealing with Brandt's first encounter with Rome and the crime scene after 9 years.




I Died In Italy But No One Knows It

applicated silk marker pen (2007

Pain in The Eye Artist book, 66 pages

silk marker pen  (2009)