Lotte Thrane is educated at School of Arts & Design, The Royal Academy of the Arts, Copenhagen, and University of Copenhagen. She is Doctor of Philosophy (Literature and Art History) and has worked as a professor in Scandinavian Literature at University of Copenhagen, at University of East Anglia, at University of Illinois and at Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen. LT has received scholarships  from The Carlsberg Foundation, The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Accademia di Danimarca in Rome and lately from Danish Arts Agency.

She speaks Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German – and some French and Italian.
She has curated exhibitions on Danish art museums, written art reviews for Galerie Laura Pêcheur in Paris,  and worked as an editor at Gyldendal Publishers, the oldest publisher in Copenhagen (established 1770).
Her book from 2008, the monograph "Master of Twilight. Ten Chapters on Lorenz Frølich and his Time” received Danish Authors’ Society’s literary award for 2010. LT has just finished another monograph on a Danish woman globetrotter and a book on German and Danish artists in Italy 1840-1860; both will be published in 2015.
Her recent work is a novella, written in lyrical prose, titled Grinetilmiddag (Laughing at Noon). She has published a short story in English titled The Last Residence of Miss Worby in the anthology Sangam House Reader, which was released recently in Chennai, but still is on it’s way by surface mail.
In 2013 LT was elected member of the board of the distinguished Danish Authors’ Society (established 1894).


Artist-in-residence April 2015