Julie Edel Hardenberg is born in 1971, in Nuuk. She holds a BA in Art from the Art Academy of Trondheim, Norge, 1999 and a MA in Art Theory and Communication from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, 2005.

Julie Edel Hardenberg is one of the most versatile and productive artists in Greenland. In addition to her curriculum vitae, which count international exhibitions, recognitions, and public tasks, Julie has alongside her artistic practice worked with scenography and installations for both featured films, theater plays, and dance shows. She has produced 5 books and has received awards and grants both for visual arts and writing. Her works are characterized by being implemented conscious, quirky, poetic with a humorous approach to concepts such as ethnic and cultural identity.


Julie Edel Hardenberg was nominated to Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2006 for her book: "The quit diversity", Milik Publishing. She has been recognized as one of the fifty most promising young photographers, by Musée de L'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland. Her book ABCT", Milik Publishing was in 2007 nominated to the best book work of the year by Danish Association of Book Craft and was also nominated to Vest Nordic Childrens Literature Prize in 2008. She has also received recognition by Internationale Jugendbibliothek, International Youth Library. In 2009 Julie Edel Hardenberg was nominated to Liviafond prize, with the grounds, that her works are conflictredeeming.