Born in Yugoslavia (1963) Jovanka Trbojevic received her basic music education at the Mokranjac Conservatory in Belgrade. In 1981 she entered the Prague Music Academy and took piano diploma in 1986. From 1989 on she pursued studies as a student of composition at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Since 1997 she is a full-time composer living in Helsinki.


At first she concentrated on chamber music, but in recent years she has worked with larger forms and bigger ensembles. Orchestral work Orgone Accumulator, commissioned by Finnish Broadcasting Company, was premiered in 2007, chamber opera Heart In A Plastic Bag in 2008, and large radiophonic work Creation Game (Prix Italia prize winner) in 2009. Her new orchestral work comissioned by Tampere Philharmonics will be premiered in April of 2011.


Jovanka Trbojevic’s works have been performed at concerts, or broadcasted through radio and television, in most European countries, in South America, Japan and Australia. All major Finnish foundations have supported her career and she has received several times long term working grants by the Arts Council of Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation. At the moment she is working with a 5 year grant from Arts Council of Finland.


In addition to concert music, Trbojevic has composed music for children, for modern dance, music theatre,television and cinema. She also teaches composition and works with youngsters interested in composing.