Jørgen Munck Rasmussen

Is a Danish writer who has written many different books.
He started in 1985 with a  novel about a slave in Pompeji who fell in love with his master’s daughter. And therefore was sold to fight as a gladiator. It takes place in 79 where Vesuvio had a big eruption.

Jørgen has written several historic books about Rome and about the war between Denmark and Sweden in the seventeenth century - and a novel from the time of the medieval king Valdemar the Fourth of Denmark
In 2012 he published a book about the English Poet John Keats who died in Rome in 1821 – only 25 years old.
In 2009 he made research for this book in The Danish Institute in Rome and in Keats and Shelley House and in Keats’ House in Hampstead in London. The book has been translated into English.
In November a collection of poetry will be published in Danish – translated into German as well.
His project in Rome will be about the aqueducts, the city walls and the ancient roads of the Roman Empire.
You can see more on his webside www.forlagetmunck.dk


Artist-in-residence October 2015