In my work, I aim to capture experiences found in nature through a careful interpretation of the energy that experience brings and the relationship of man to nature. Often, the motives are animals. In animal encounters, I experience a connection and respect for nature that I wish to express in my artwork. After finishing art school I studied pre-historic cave paintings in Southern Africa. The force of these ancient paintings made a lasting impression, which inspired me to create my own cave paintings using modern materials. In my works, the animal must be perceived as alive, present and timeless at once. I aim to give my theme a more symbolic form, a sort of animal-icon. The works are made on paper, mixing the techniques of collage and mono typography, often in large formats.

Cicada | 2008 | Monotype/collage/acrylic paint | 50x150

Alces | 2000 | M/C | 212x100

Ubåt | 2006 | digitaltrykk | Høgskolen i Hordaland

Midsummer jungle | 2010 | Collages on plywood| Lillesand ungdomsskole