Indiana Audunsdottir’s videos explore myths of femininity and its refusal in a quasi-ridiculous way. They star herself, in costume, enacting scenarios that could be extracted from ‘Carry On Performance Art’, with a serious demeanour that makes the muscle-suit wearing woman posing on a mountain-top seem a more dignified figure than she might otherwise be. This awkwardness is pivotal to her process and intention. 

Audunsdottir’s ambiguous treatment of mythical or heroic figures reflects her passion for the ‘secondary’ – the legend stripped of all but its titillating consumability (Greek Amazons portrayed in popular culture as babes in bikinis). Analysing the process down into its structural elements of manipulation, exaggeration, sound effects, makeup and costumes, Audunsdottir amplifies these techniques – aiming towards an extreme version of a once acceptable ideal. As a viewer, the space she places us in is both humorous and discomfiting, making us revisit our own prejudice and desire. 

Fiona Macdonald, Standpoint Gallery, London. 

Indiana Audunsdottir lives and works in the Hague and Reykjavik. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, in 2008. She recently showed at Standpoint Gallery, London, and at 1646, The Hague, where she was a resident artists for 3 months. She has participated in many group shows internationally.