geir egil bergjord

Geir Egil Bergjord (1964) has his residence in Stavanger, Norway, but in his work he is often seen travelling. He works within a broad range of camera based art and presents his work in exhibitions, web-projects, films and public art. His focus is on his own productions and several of his photo books are published by his own publishing company, Gilka. Bergjord has also illustrated books on assignement for Norwegian publishing houses Gyldendal and Wigestrand. From 2000 to 2005 he was co-editor of the web magazine In 2010 he published the photo book Pierre Henry’s House of Sounds/Maison de sons de Pierre Henry (Gilka/Fage éditions), a collaboration with the French composer and musique concrète pioneer Pierre Henry.

In Bergjord’s ongoing project, Private Views, he is photographing iconic landmarks from a non-public space nearby. In these visually complex photos, the private and the public are juxtaposed in a surprising way. Since the start in 2003, the project has brought Bergjord to many international cities, and well known landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler Building, Acropolis and the Pyramid of Cheops are already included in the series.

Bergjord has been accepted several times at the Norwegian Annual National Exhibition (Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo) and the Spring Exhibition (Fotogalleriet, Oslo). He has exhibited at Galleri Otto Plonk (Bergen), Galleri UKS (Oslo), Stavanger Art Museum, Tromsø Art Society and Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires). His three minute millenium film Öko_Turnamat 2000 was screened at the Norwegian Short Film Festival (Grimstad), the Norwegian International Filmfestival (Haugesund), Nordlichter (Vienna), 42. Nordische Filmtage (Lübeck) and Batofar (Paris). Bergjord has carried out public art assigned by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Drammen dept.), City of Stavanger, Ryfylke Museum (Sand, Norway) and Petroleum Safety Authority Norway. His works are purchased by Stavanger Art Museum, Bergen Picture Gallery and Arts Council Norway.


Artist-in-residence July 2015