Øystein Orten (b. 1962) is a norwegian writer living in Hareid, sunnmøre, not far from the art nouveau city of Ålesund.

In addition to a documentary based on material from the second world war, he has published poems, short stories and novels. In many of his text the author circles around small coastal communities in the north western part of Norway, focusing on themes like history, landscape identity belonging. Literary reviews have often emhasized his special consciusness of the language.

”A high class artist of words” Dagbladet wrote in 2004.

Øystein Orten has a masters degree in Humanities from the University of Bergen and he is still teaching as a lecturer of history, language and literature at the upper secondary level in Ulsteinvik.




havflammen – the flame of the ocean – poems - 1995


fluktlinjer – lines of escape – poems – 2000


Livingstones retrett – The Retreat of Livingstone - novel – 2003


kjensla av at det ikkje regnar andre stader enn her – the feeling that it is not raining anywhere but here - poems – 2004


Vegen til Neverland – The Road to Neverland – novel – 2005


Rabarbrakrigen – The Rhubarb War – novel – 2007


Himmelen over Shetland. Historier om motstand og eksil 1940-45 –

The Heaven above Shetland. Stories about Resistance and Exile 1940-45 - documentary – 2009


Sjabervik - Sjabervik – short stories - 2011




Avkallets estetikk – The Aesthetics of Renunciation (on the British poet Christina Rossetti) – Bokvennen 2-2007


Tidssirklar – Time Circles (on the Shetlander poet Christine de Luca) – Bokvennen 4-2010


Maraton – eller kunsten å overleve i helvetet – Marathon – or the Art of Surviving Hell – Syn & Segn 4-2010


Website: http://oysteinorten.blogspot.com