artists-in-residence JuLY 2016



 50 artists* have now been selected for the AiR program 2016-2017. We received 373 applications this year, which is a record. We would like to thank everyone who applied for their interest in our Artist-in-residence program.

The statistics* are: female 25, male 25. Denmark 10, Faroe
Islands 2, Finland 11, Iceland 6, Norway 11, Sweden 10. Writers 11, Visual artists 23, Performing art 6, Music 6 and Film 4.

* The list can change due to cancellations


Artists in residence 2016 - 2017
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MEDEA at Circolo Scandinavo



di / by Øystein Stene e Maria Sand
Mise en espace a cura di / by: Sandro Mabellini

al / at Circolo Scandinavo

Il 1 e 2 luglio / The 1st and 2nd of July

alle 19:00 / at 7 p.m.


Ingresso libero / Free entrance


40 posti per serata, la prenotazione necessaria tramite e-mail /
40 seats per night, booking necessary via email:


Il programma è in italiano / The play is in Italian.




Circolo Scandinavo is a Nordic Artists Residency. For 155 years it has been a center of Nordic culture

and a meeting place for artists in different fields and the audience in Rome. By becoming a member of the association you support the work of the Residency. Get invited to events Circolo Scandinavo organizes and access our library. Influence the work and future of Circolo and get an insight to our work by joining Annual meetings and the Election of the board.